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The Wedding Sign (John 2:1-11)

Reasons to Believe: The Wedding Sign!

John 2: 1-11

September 19, 2021


Jesus Reveals His Deity!

A.  Nathanael encounter with Jesus! (1:49)

      1.  How do YOU know me?  (Maybe Philip told Him)

           “Under the fig tree, I saw you” “Nathaniel learns, to his great

           astonishment, that the penetrating eye of his new Master had

           entered even the sanctuary of his inner devotions beneath the fig-

           tree.” Only supernatural knowledge could reveal this!

      2.  You are the Son of God, the King of Israel

           Key: “And in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be

           blessed.”  (Gen 28:14)  “Jacob’s ladder finds its antitype or

           fulfilment in Christ.” Point: Jesus Christ “the link between

           heaven and earth, the bond of union between God and man, the

           One who by means of his sacrifice reconciles God to man.”

Jesus and His disciples were invited to a wedding!

A.  The 3rd day - after gaining Philip and Nathanael as disciples.

      1.  There are 6 disciples at this time (Andrew, John, Peter, James,

           Philip, and Nathaniel). Cana of Galilee was 8-9 miles north of

           Nazareth (about 28 miles from Bethany beyond the Jordan).

      2.  Mother of Jesus was also in attendance.

B.  Jewish weddings:

      1.  At the end of the betrothal period, about a year, the groom would

           host the wedding feast and be responsible for the week long

           celebration.  Groom had spent the year building the house, etc.

      2.  “Jewish weddings were important and joyful occasions in the

           lives of the bride and the groom and their extended families, and

           the entire community joined in the celebration.”

C. Crisis at the celebration: the wine had run out!

      1.  Wine was considered a staple article of food.  Wine: fermented or

           unfermented, was not important to the story.  

      2.  “To run out of supplies would be a dreadful embarrassment in a

           ‘shame’ culture; there is some evidence it could also lay the

           groom open to a lawsuit from aggrieved relatives of the bride.”

D.  A mother’s expectation: Jesus fix it!

      1.  It is likely that Mary had come to rely upon Jesus and His

           resourcefulness.  Since Joseph is not mentioned beyond the Jesus

           at age 12, it is presumed he is dead and Jesus would help provide

           for the family.  As a carpenter (Mark 6:3) w/4 brothers and sisters

      2.  Woman (Jesus refers to His mother 2x in John (John 19:26))

           Term is highly respectful and affectionate.  “Ma’am”

E.  The role and relationship have changed!

     1.  What does your concern have to do with me? Why do you

          involve Me? No hostility or disrespect was intended or implied.

          a.  A recognition that family relationships were not the

               determining factor in His life.  “Jesus was directed not by his

               mother nor by his brothers but by his relationship to the Father,

               in whose bosom the Son existed. He came to fulfill the Father’s

               purpose for him; namely, he came to make the Father known.

               Mary must look at Him as her Lord! Jn 1:18, 7:2-8. Matt 12:46.

          b.  Jesus was to do the will of His Father and act on His authority.

               Luke 2:48 - 50.

          c.  At the cross, Jesus provides for His mother. (John 19:26-27)

     2.  My hour has not yet come!

          a.  Hour - refers to the glorification of Jesus (death & resurrection)

          b.  “In the Gospel of John the entire life of Jesus was directed

               toward obeying the Father and fulfilling the hour.”

F.  Whatever He says, do it! (v.5)

      Why? Servants would think it strange to receive orders from a

      stranger and thinking the order foolish might not be willing to obey!

      Even so, “she responds as a believer and her faith is honored.”

The Wedding Sign: Revealing His glory!

A. Fill the six stone water jars with water to the brim! (120-180 gallons)

     Used by Jews, per the Levitical rules, for water purification rites.

      1.  Take it to the master of the feast. (maître d’ or chief steward)

      2.  Saving the best for last! (v.9-10)  Think about the servants!

      3.  Notice the abundance of Jesus gift to this wedding!

B.  The purpose for the sign:

      “This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and

      manifested His glory; and His disciples believed in Him.”

      1.  Sign - the beginning or first of signs, “because it points to a new

           dispensation of grace and fulfillment that Jesus is inaugurating.”

      2.  Manifest His glory!

           “John prefers the simple word ‘signs’: Jesus’ miracles are

           never simply naked displays of power, still less neat conjuring

           tricks to impress the masses, but signs, significant displays of

           power that point beyond themselves to the deeper realities

           that could be perceived with the eyes of faith.”

      3.  The disciples believed!  “Their faith was greatly strengthened. So

           It will be through this Gospel.  Jesus will increasingly reveal

           Himself while the disciples grow in knowledge and trust and the

           Jews will become increasingly hostile until the culmination.”

      4.  Jesus is the Messianic Bridegroom!  (John 3:27-30)

           God has saved “the Best for last”! Pictured in the marriage

           supper of the Lamb. Rev. 19:7-9.

Have you accepted your invitation from Jesus?









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